Living Regeneratively
Living Regeneratively
Kathryn Alexander MA

Welcome to Living Regeneratively

Living so ALL life thrives, ensuring that humans do not become extinct!

About This Network

The Earth is Changing  

We Must Change with Her

Living Regeneratively is a place to learn, practice, and strategize how to be human in a burning world. 

It is a network of people struggling to find ways to ensure that humans DO NOT become extinct.

It is a network of networks discovering how to cross pollinate to be strategically effective in birthing this change.

It is a think tank for those who love the Earth and who wish to deepen that love and expand their capacity to be loved back.

We ask that you:

Protect all that is wild

Co-Create the new community

Shift your consciousness – center life

Reconnect with earth

Be present

Engage your emotions

Ask for your imagination to return

This time is our rite of passage

We will not be the same after this planetary shift resettles back into the rhythm she is currently seeking. That place will be different - we will be different. Now is the start of this very profound and awesome journey.

We are being called to regenerate a planet seeking to find a new balance. We are being called to partner with our most beautiful planet, to become a helper in the rebalancing, to become a steward of health, to build a thriving and robust world.

We are excited to bring together eco-conscious people who are concerned about our climate crisis, who are aware of our collapsing systems, who want to join with others to regenerate the places they live. Together, we can weather the coming chaos by sparking a movement to ensure our communities thrive!

Join us as we explore the possibilities that are inherent in the chaos we are entering into by discovering  ways that allow ALL life to thrive, even as the planet re-stabilizes into a new normal.


 She's Alive, beautiful, finite, and hurting.....

What We Are About

This is a network. It is designed to be built by you and with you. By contributing your gifts, and participating in what others offer, you will find the answers to the questions you have, and at the same time, you will find partnership in taking action. You are encouraged to bring in friends who live close to you so that you can take action locally. Check out 'affiliations' to find others like you.

If these questions resonate with you, then this is your place:
  • I know I love the earth - so how is it different, to see the Earth as kin?
  • The climate crisis is HUGE - what can one person do?
  • I feel SO alone - where can I find others who share my urgency?

What You Can Expect

  • 🏃 Communities – here you can create or join a virtual co-working group where you can co-work remotely with fellow members and get important stuff done.
  • 💡 Conversations– our weekly knowledge exchange as network members and outside experts share their wisdom and experience.
  • 🔥 Learning Circles with fellow members on key topics that bring us closer to partnering with the Earth.
  • 💼 Courses where you can deepen your learning, share your knowledge with others, and connect around specific topics. Some free, some paid.
  • Events where you learn or practice, to gain the tools and skills we need to be the change we want to see. Some paid and some free.
  • 💺 Group and individual coaching calls where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge and project or personal support in real time, from the brilliant minds in this community.                              Some free and some paid.

Why struggle alone? We will not get through this by ourselves, we will only triumph in community. 

If you don't have one, then you need to  find or create one. 

Here is the place to start.

Your Community Is Here 

Join Us!

Scholarships are available

Contact LivingRegeneratively at gmail dot com

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